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Dlyneeds.com  is one of the leading local search engine and digital marketing company in India.  We have tried to design this web page and mobile apps in such a way so that  any user can access easily those and get his/her require details without any trouble because Service is Our Essence.

Dlyneeds.com is also a tremendous platform  to Grow Your Business and Spread Your Popularity  all over the world by listing your  business details and offerings.

Priority Card  of  Dlyneeds.com  is one of the most innovative and exiting offer for all the card members  and with this card it has created a strong bridge between all the business organizations and the end users.

We know the value of your money. Dlyneeds  has helped its card holders to Save Money through unique deals of the discount programs provided by its listed vendors. It was started with the sole objective of offering ever improving saving potential for its card members while going out for shopping and spend money on products and different services ; for example, on shopping for clothes, Jewelleries, staying at hotels, dining at restaurants, renting of cars, and availing services of tailors, dry cleaners, beauty parlours, salons, Spas, automobile repair shops etc. On a single line, you can save your money in each and every steps of your daily life with the help of this Priority Card of Dlyneeds.

**Currently we are available in Jharkhand Only. Our Franchisee module will come soon for other Cities & States as well.

Our Mission ....

Our sole purpose is to make the life of our user more easier, self dependable and stress free. DN (dlyneeds) Priority Card has a core mission called "A privilege plan that creates value for every rupee". We are a premier community who values every individual's hard earned money so we offer attractive plans where they can save their money along with shopping.

Our Vision .....

Our vision is to be the leader in digital marketing as well as in the Privilege Discount Card in terms of quality and range is services we provide to our merchants and card holders. Through your constant reviews we will excel our innovation, operational efficiency and quality of services as here in  dlyneeds.com we speak "Service is Our Essence".

Be A DLY NEEDS Franchisee…....

Many Great Innovative Ideas go Executed and Many Great Executioners are without Ideas. One without the other is Meaningless.

The Best Part of Becoming a Franchisee is to have Experts working for you while you Reap the Profit. Through Our Specialized Marketing Professionals years of Practical Experience and Research We have been able to Develop a Profitable and a Straightforward Business Proposal for you at a Very Low Cost through which, You can Apply your Entrepreneurial Spirit Most Professionally and Earn Profit Followed by Wide Social Recognition for doing something Worthy to the Society.


1.       Attitude to work in Marketing Industry which is Service Based.                                                                               

2.      Qualification doesn’t matter much but Helps a lot if you are a Graduate in any Discipline;

 have a Flair for Marketing Concepts and Willing to Learn New things.                                                                                                                         

3.      An Initial Start Up Investment of Rs. 2lacs to 3lacs per any District of INDIA or  If you want to take any STATE of INDIA of Rs. 15lacs to 20lacs. (Refundable)                    *Terms  and Conditions apply.



1.  A Strong and a Well Tried and Tested Business Model in the Digital Marketing Industry

2. Alert  Agency Code for  Marketing..

3. Training of your Staff at our office or your office.

4. Assistance in Marketing and Trouble Shooting.

5. Assistance in Printing of office Stationeries.
6. Assistance in Getting Listings Enquiry.
7. Data Management and Data Development.
8. Long Lasting Business Relations.
 9. Gateway to our Future upcoming Projects.

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